Thursday Thanks Tank

Hey y'all! It's Thursday already or Thursday finally, depending on your perspective.

Either way, it is Thursday, and you know what that means. 
Let's take a moment for:

(a time to intentionally redirect my gaze and give testimony to the ways God blesses me)

 Sometimes this practice flows right off the fingers and onto the screen. Other times it is a sacrifice of praise. 

Whichever it is for you today, know He accepts it gladly and is glorified in it when you intentionally redirect your gaze to give testimony to what your friend, Jesus, is doing in your life. He gets the accolades, and we are all blessed in the process.

So, how is God filling my tank this week?

  • My friend Jennie. We have met through hope*writers, and I would have joined just to meet her. You can find her on Instagram @theweekleyconnection. You need to start following her, because she's got great wisdom to share and will encourage your heart. But that aside, she had a fantastic idea to trade books that will spur us both on to love and good deeds. I got my first fun mail yesterday, and I can't wait to start Hello, Beauty Full by Elisa Morgan today. Think about who might be blessed by a great book you've read and mail it to them today!
  • An inspired word. I had someone speak directly to me the other day, and while he had no clue ; it made a huge impact on my heart. God chose to use that moment to remind me I am seen, He has a purpose and a plan for me, and to specifically hone in on what my ministry going forward will be. Stay tuned as that unfolds!
  • Unexpected encouragement. Another one of my faraway friends tagged me in a post on Facebook this morning, and she shared this song "Greater" by MercyMe. She said she thought of me when she heard it and sent a virtual hug along with it. She had no clue how much I needed that truth musically seeping into my soul, but God used her to touch me in a way that will carry me through another day.
  • YOU.  If you are currently hanging in there to read these words, I am SO thankful for you. God uses you to minister to me and affirm His call for me to string letters together to make words, link the words to make sentences, and put all of it out there on His behalf to speak truth to you. Thank you for showing up and for choosing to walk even one step of this journey with me. We are in this together, and I am grateful.
Please share one way God is filling your tank this week. I gain so much from reading the ways He is choosing to bless others. Have a lovely Thursday.

Leaving a trail of beauty~


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