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Pushing on Past the Past

Do you ever wake up and do a double take? Your subconscious was so crystal clear and so real you have to shake it off in favor of what your eyes take in as the fuzziness of sleep drifts away. Disoriented. You may have slept and lived a complete movie's worth of activities somewhere else, awakening with those events plastered on your now conscious thoughts as if what you dreamt is what you're currently living. The beauty of dreaming is we get to wake up. We get to toss off that cloak of darkness with the bed covers and embrace the dawn of a new day with all the freshness and newness that awaits. One of my favorite books and movies of all time is Anne of Green Gables . If you are around me for more than a hot minute, you most likely will be regaled with some sort of quote or reference to the kindred spirits who come alive in those pages. Wisdom. It's liberally woven into the story of an orphan girl who desperately wanted to belong -- just like we all do. Yet Anne is