Perfectly Named

During the rapidly accelerating spiral downward and crumbling of my marriage via separation in 2015, the Lord Himself became my husband.

He comforted me. He tenderly cared for me and brought me words of truth to carry me. I turned to Him in ways I've not ever experienced at any other time in my life.

What transpired rendered me a completely different person than the one who went into my marriage journey in 1993.

Sometimes change comes slowly and almost imperceptibly. It can take years for a transformation to be noticed or observed.

Other times change whirls in like a hurricane and leaves nothing in its path the same. Change can seem sudden to the casual onlooker and yet be completely embraced by the one who enacts the change and needs to leave certain things behind.

I have been doing lots of changing behind the scenes that no one really saw. Probably because I excel at pretending everything is okay. 

I left what had become a toxic atmosphere in every area: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially, and I subsequently set in motion the ending of a marriage of two + decades

Choosing to lean on the Lord in faith, I grew to finally depend on and be eager to see His rescuing hand in the very biggest and tiniest of ways. He left no detail unattended. God was so incredibly evident that my now ex-husband could not deny the Lord’s hand. 

After much prayer and confirmation via Scripture, seeking Godly counsel, and after long, looooong conversations with the Lord Himself over it all; I emerge confidently as someone fresh and new. Someone He has named. Someone who is truly a new creation
As unconventional as it may seem to some, I did not return to my maiden name after the divorce.

I hadn't been that person in almost 24 years, and I couldn't get my mind around trying to be her again -- even with a fresh start. Dissolution, disappointment, and prior financial debacles drove my decision to leave my married name behind.

In my 20's and way overdue, I was introduced to Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery. We became fast friends, and I quickly devoured all things Anne with an "E" and watched all of the movies starring Megan Follows. Then after munching on all eight books in the series like a veritable snack, I completely identified with Anne and soon learned in my research I was unequivocally a kindred spirit with Maud (as she was known by her friends and family) herself.

Her style of descriptive writing appealed to me as a reader, but I also found myself embellishing with the best of her rambling style.

I have a feeling my kindred spirits reading this tome will understand why in becoming a single again I chose to legally adopt the name Pamela Marie Montgomery. 

Interestingly enough, my maiden name means “steep” or “mountain” and those with my maiden name took it from a mountain in the Alps. 

Montgomery is Scottish in origin and is transliterated to mean the “wealthy man’s mountain”, which I think is fitting for God to have given me a name that points directly back to Him. Any wealth I may ever have here on Earth comes from His hand. 

So, after all that long prelude, it’s great to meet you!

I look forward to sharing my messy with you and leaving a trail of beauty in the process.


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