Let's Meet Pam

I am: 
  • a midwestern gal who found the south beckoning, heeded its call, and stayed here for more than half my life now.
  • a lover of Jesus and a weak vessel whose heart is “prone to wander.”
  • a single again who is learning to recognize what it means to behold and truly SEE who Jesus created me to be. I have been commissioned to leave a trail of beauty wherever I go, and sometimes that’s hardest right within the walls of my own home.
  • a mama of three young adults who are forging their own paths at different speeds and with their own unique styles.
  • an aspiring writer who is figuring out what to do next, after putting down the diaper bag and driving the minivan.
  • a self-taught artist who is discovering my own flair, rather than be boxed in by what I can successfully look at and copy.

Pam's Favorites:

Food: Strawberries (or any fruit but watermelon)
Drink: Coffee, preferably piping hot with one sugar and a splash of cream. 
Snack: Snap peas and hummus or a Snickers bar
Past time: Painting, reading, or sitting on the porch glider watching the sunset. 
Color: purpley blue
Flower: Blue hydrangeas
Book: Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Season: Autumn
Movie: "Pretty Woman"
Time of day: 12:34 pm, because I'm not usually awake for the first one. 
Tree: gingko 
Place: a deserted white sand beach full of shells


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