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By Name

I can go days without hearing my name. Does that ever happen to you? You spend your entire day never hearing your name called by anyone. I have two names I routinely am called these days. Pam, of course, and Mama or Mom (used only by my son). Yet in the course of many of my days in this season, I am addressed as nothing.  Oh, I exchange words with my son, but he doesn't necessarily call me by name. He knows who I am, and we fall into conversations without addressing and using each other's given names. I share pleasantries with the people at ALDI, and while I use the names of those I know -- they are not obligated, nor do many of them know my given name. I can slip through my day without ever hearing my name aloud. A bit disconcerting now that I've allowed my mind to drift there. It doesn't change who I am or make me question my value as a person. It is . . . maybe just a reason for pause. Do I do the same thing with the Lord? Do I wake up and begin

You Shall Be Called By a New Name

Sometimes change comes slowly and almost imperceptibly. It can take years for a transformation to be noticed or observed. Other times change whirls in like a hurricane and leaves nothing in its path the same. Change can seem sudden to the observer and yet be completely embraced by the one who enacts the change and needs to leave certain things behind. Read -- I have been doing lots of changing behind the scenes that no one really saw. Except my children, who had a front row seat for ALL of it. Even the days when I burst into tears in the lunch meat section of Kroger or completely lost my cool when a Kenny Chesney song came on the Pandora shuffle. Over the past couple of yea rs, I have gone through the most transforming change of my entire life. I set in motion the ending of a marriage of two + decades, one I had committed to in front of family and friends.  I left what had become a toxic atmosphere in every area: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financial