Don't Give Up!

Whatever it is, whatever you have planned or are afraid to plan.

That dream? You know the one. Yes, that one. The one you whisper in hushed tones to yourself or when you think no one is paying attention.

God hears you. He’s the One who planted that dream in your heart.

He’s the Master Gardener, and He is tending that dream for you--especially when you feel like you’ve run out of everything it takes to make that dream happen on your own.

See, it was NEVER meant to be that way.

Take your hands off your dreams.

Yes, you CAN have more than one!

Take your hands and open them. Loosen your grip and lay the pen down.

You are NOT writing your own story or fulfilling your own dreams!

Back to our verse for today, I need not grow weary in doing good.

In due season, I will reap if I don’t give up.

Friend, are you at all like me? Do you get tired of doing the “good” thing?

Do you find some days you just want to make bad choices and throw caution to the wind because it just doesn’t matter anyway?

The truth found in our passage today reminds me to press on, hold fast, and keep on doing good.

His promises are good.

He holds your dreams and your harvest.

He is tending to them right now.

Let Him bring them to fruition. Let Him write your story.

What a beautiful one that will be, and most importantly—He will get all the glory!

Go on and be leaving a trail of beauty today!


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