Thursday Thanks Tank

(a time to intentionally redirect my gaze and give testimony to the ways God blesses me)

A little technical difficulty with Chrome this morning, in addition to my own late start means a delayed Thursday Thanks Tank. I hope y'all are having a great Thursday so far!

This was the key passage this morning in my devotion on YouVersion. I found it timely and pertinent. One of the details of this short devotion stood out to me:
"The mere act of being thankful can transform a grumpy heart into a joyful one."

I have absolutely found that in my own life. I can start the day feeling three steps behind, awakening later than I would have liked, and begin beating myself up for all the ways my day is going to go down the tubes due to my bad choices.

However, if I take a moment and refocus my attention on gratitude rather than on myself and my shortcomings . . . I find a salvageable day already filled with reasons to be thankful. Here are a few that came to mind,, and all before breakfast:

  • I woke up inside a cool house when the temperatures have been soaring beyond 90 and into the heat index of 100+ all week. I am oh so grateful for climate control.
  • Athena cantaloupes are still available at ALDI. These are one of my absolute favorite fruits of summer. They just have to be Athenas. No substitution will do.
  • I heard from ALDI this week after having submitted an application for employment. They said "no". I am grateful. Each "NO" is narrowing the path for the ultimate "YES".
  • I have a second interview tomorrow with another opportunity. May this be the "yes" I have been awaiting. If not, may I be grateful for the experience and continue to seek out God's best for me in this season.
  • The potential to sell my art in forms and fashions I cannot make happen on my own. I will do a more formal release soon on social media, but for now you can get the first sneak peek at my Redbubble store here.
So, please take a moment and think through the big and small ways God is filling your tank with thanks this week. It can be anything from a new pair of earrings to a new job.

God is delighted to give us good gifts, and He is involved in every single aspect of our lives -- both ginormous and itty bitty.

All of it matters to Him because we matter so much to Him.

With a thankful heart.

Leaving a trail of beauty~


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