I Still Have Breath in My Lungs

I very rarely, (read NEVER) speak out politically. Most people I interact with probably don't know my political leanings or whether I'm even registered to vote. (I am and have been since I turned 18.)

I've convinced myself over the years of a number of things that are blatantly untrue. One of those is this:
Your VOICE doesn't matter.
I've whispered it to myself, chanted it almost as a mantra, and slowly but surely I came to believe it.

What I am here to tell you and challenge you (and myself) with this morning is this:

If you woke up with breath in your lungs this morning, unlike those who were victims of mass shootings over this weekend, YOU HAVE A VOICE!


I don't hesitate to come to my keyboard on any given morning to share some pretty picture overlaid with Scripture to boldly carry you forward into your day.

I never wonder if I am offending any of you who saunter through my news feed on Facebook or Instagram and click on through to the next tidbit of inspiration or newsy nugget.

What I am pleading with you to do this morning, tomorrow, or next week is to do what you can do.

I convinced myself for years what I had to say didn't matter. If I would just avert my eyes, I could pretend it wasn't happening.

That has got to STOP!

What I have to say DOES matter. I may not have a huge following, a major website, or a news crew plowing down my street for my soundbite to replay hundreds of times all over the media.

Instead, what I can do is link my arms with people who have more influence than I do.

I can tell two friends, have them tell two friends, and so on . . . I'm not good at math, but I am certain of this -- multiplication increases numbers more quickly than addition.

What I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is I will influence more people by saying SOMETHING than sitting here saying NOTHING.

As I read all over the internet yesterday, "Thoughts and prayers aren't enough."

Will I continue to think of the victims, their families, their friends, their acquaintances who will forever be changed by the events of this weekend?


Will I devote time to pray for the people of El Paso, Texas, and closer to home for me, those in Dayton, Ohio? Of course. I will pray for all of those who were in any way connected to the precious ones who did not wake up with breath in their lungs this morning.

What I will NOT do is stop there. I can't do big things, but I can do small things with BIG love. Here are a couple I've chosen so far:

  • Follow @everytown on Instagram. You can find ways to donate and to join others who will give your voice power in numbers.
  • Follow @momsdemand on Instagram as well.
  • Call/email you representatives. Leave a message. Find them on social media and let them know you are a constituent of theirs and gun reform is a priority for you and your support.
  • Educate yourself on your state's gun laws. (This one is important!) Start by digging into your state's gun laws to know exactly what reform you are fighting for and what (or who) you're fighting against.
  • Prepare yourself to VOTE!! Vote in representatives whose constituents' health, safety, and well being dictates their decisions. (from @ladiesaloud)
I have power and so do you! 

Think of the people who have suffered. Pray for those left behind. Then . . .

DO something. One thing, with many others. It can make a difference. Our voices do matter.

In this I can still be . . .

Leaving a trail of beauty~



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