Thursday Thanks Tank

(a time to intentionally redirect my gaze and give testimony to the ways God blesses me)

Good Thursday morning, all!

Some weeks feel like a blip between Sunday and Thursday. This is one of those weeks where I'm not quite sure where the time slipped away, but I definitely feel like the speed was accelerated.

Let's dive right in to how God is filling my tank:

  • Provision and sources of income that could only come from Him. Relying on the Lord strengthens my faith and gives me reasons to intentionally take my hands off my circumstances.
  • Dog sitting for my daughter. The year-plus without Shelby has been heart-wrenching at times, and having Ava here fills a void for a small window.
  • Painting and setting up an online store for my art. It's a learning curve, but the results will be exciting on so many levels. More to come on that front!
  • Processing opportunities and decisions with my dearest bosom friend. There is nothing like hoping and dreaming with someone who has known you for 40 years and can openly think aloud right along with you as you trudge through the pros and cons of the possibilities for the future.
  • Celebrating my mom's 79th birthday yesterday. So grateful she is still here to chat with me, even over the phone. We've not seen one another face-to-face in over a year, but hearing her voice, laughing at seemingly nothing, and sharing newsy tidbits from both of our lives is what makes our relationship continue to flourish and grow.
  • Open doors. Most of my mornings currently begin with leaving the cool morning air in through my front door. I love hearing the neighborhood wake up, feel the breeze drifting its way through the house, and smelling the scents of summer still wafting on that breeze. A teensy bit of refreshment before temperatures soar again throughout my day.
  • Learning new things. I am attempting to set up a new website home, and each day I open up that platform I learn something new. Here's to hoping all the somethings will add up to a completed site ready for launching SOON.
I'm headed off to leap into my day, which will end with an interview for a new opportunity. Please pray along with me for God to prepare the way and for His perfect will to be accomplished. He knows my needs, and He will continue to fill my tank regardless of the outcome. 

Please let me know how God is filling your tank today. I'd love to share in the joy He's bringing your way.

Leaving a trail of beauty~



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