God Winks


What are they? A "God wink" is anything that comes your way out of the ordinary, or any unexplainable circumstance designed to delight and bring joy. We are His beloved, and He delights in giving us good gifts.

I'm not exactly sure who coined the term, but I've been routinely using it to describe those treats in my days that I point right back to my Abba Father, who I am sure must wink just like my earthly Daddy does when he does something extra special or outlandishly sweet.

In the photo to the left is an example of a God wink.

Let me give you a little back story, my dearest friend on this earth, Mary Lou, is a jewelry designer for jBloom Designs. Each year she goes to their national conference. Recently she was there and waiting at the end of a long line to score some specials available only to designers. The item pictured was a pre-customized bracelet--isn't that amazing!?!

She took one look at it and knew it needed to be mine.

God wink.

As many of you know, I have been on a journey this summer to dive into the calling I've felt God tugging on my heart for years to claim. I'd been hanging around on the fringe, hiding behind editing and proofreading, spending time in other professional pursuits to make ends meet, and averting my eyes from His focused gaze in order to avoid risk.  Instead I chose to remain in fear of what He will do with my full surrender and obedience.

That doesn't describe me any longer. While the learning curve has not been frustration-free, I have seen success. I have had cheerleaders along the way. God has continued to reiterate His call . . . morning after morning when I choose to heed His nudge and claim my place at the keyboard to watch words spill out onto the screen from a place I had no clue they'd been hiding.

I am no longer alone.
I have community.
I have writing friends all over the world through my membership with hope*writers.
I am not behind.
I am right where I'm supposed to be.

I have evidence God is pleased. He sent me this "God wink" to confirm it.

Does God ever send a "wink" your way? Would you mind sharing one to humor me? I love seeing how His creative hand is at work in the lives of those around me, so I can share in the trail of beauty He's leaving.

Leaving a trail of beauty~



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