Thursday Thanks Tank

(a time to intentionally redirect my gaze and give testimony to the ways God blesses me)

How is God filling my tank this week? 
Driving: After a week of being driven around or being home bound, I have enjoyed the freedom of taking myself places on my own time schedule 
Donating: always feels good to clean things out and give away what I don’t use or need anymore 
Dessert: this week was apple cranberry—still using up all the extra cranberries I bought and froze back at Thanksgiving. Yummy. 
Healing: so amazed all the time at how God knit us together in the first place and how He crafted us to heal after an illness or surgery
Dining: I had lunch with both of my daughters, at their house! They were great hostesses and served a delicious meal.
Discernment: moments of clarity in the midst of lots of blurry. Grateful God is giving me peeks into what He’s doing. 

Have a beautiful Thursday, my lovely friends! 

Please let me know how God is filling your tank in the comments! If you’d like to post on your own page, feel free. Just tag me, so I can find it! 


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